Discover the diverse careers you can pursue in dance

Learn about the diverse dance career paths available and how VPC supports aspiring dance professionals in nurturing their skills and passion.

Written by Tess Victory


Have you ever wondered how you could transform your passion for dance into a career? Beyond the allure of the stage, the dance world offers myriad opportunities that extend into various professional realms. While many aspire to join a dance company, there are numerous other exciting career paths within the industry. Not only that, the skills and values learned in dance can prepare a dancer for life outside of dance, including discipline, work ethic, an eye for detail, confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills. At VPC, we’re committed to nurturing not only performers but well-rounded dance professionals. Let’s explore some career options in dance that can turn your passion into a rewarding profession.


We liken choreography to a canvas where you can express your creativity for dance! Choreographers can work on design for dance sequences in theatre productions, dance companies, films, music videos, and competitive dance teams. This role demands a robust understanding of dance, creativity, and the ability to convey stories and emotions through movement. As a choreographer, you’ll find yourself engaged in a variety of projects, each offering the freedom to bring your unique vision to life on stage or screen. Every year, we encourage this creativity with our choreography competition, which provides a great opportunity for our dancers to explore their own moves.

Dance education and teaching

Do you admire the dance teachers at VPC? Why not consider becoming one yourself? Dance teachers enjoy the dual benefits of continuing their own dance practice and sharing their passion with others. As a dance educator, you might find yourself working in settings such as dance studios, schools, and community centres. You’ll have the chance to influence the next generation of dancers, teaching not only techniques but also the values and discipline integral to dance.

Specialising in genres like ballet, jazz, or hip-hop could open doors to specific teaching roles, allowing you to grow your expertise and potentially become a sought-after specialist. We offer assistance and mentoring for those students who wish to pursue certificates or diplomas in dance teaching through our syllabi.

Dance administration and management

Behind every great performance is a team managing the business aspects of dance. Critical roles include dance studio managers, production coordinators, and marketing specialists for dance events and companies. These professionals ensure smooth operations, managing everything such as class schedules and event planning to marketing and financial oversight.

This is where skills in organisation, leadership, and an understanding of the arts come in useful. This career path allows you to continue enjoying the vibrant community atmosphere of a dance studio and play a key role in overseeing dance studio operations. 

VPC dance assistant roles

Another great option to get our young dancers interested in pursuing a dance career is taking part in our VPC Dance Assistants programme. Through our dance assistant program, we provide opportunities for our preintermediate and intermediate students to learn the ropes of dance education. This role encourages participants to understand the significance of their position, embrace our core VPC values, and develop essential teaching skills. Our program aims to build confidence and empower the next generation of dance enthusiasts

Exploration of new dance genres to enhance dance skills

Dance offers a rich tapestry of experiences which is why we encourage your child to explore various dance classes. It sparks their natural curiosity, taking them on a journey of self-discovery, creative expression and upskilling across the genres. 

At VPC, children can explore various dance styles like ballet, tap, acro, musical theatre and more! Tap, known for its emphasis on rhythm and precision, offers a unique skill set that beautifully complements other dance styles. Ballet enhances technique skills like plie and floor pressure. Acro helps build flexibility and arm strength. Musical theatre is a great way to gain confidence and skill in acting and charisma! Across all the dance styles, we are enhancing coordination and overall dance proficiency, creating a more well-rounded and confident dancer.

Remember, variety ignites the flame of learning and creativity.


The world of dance offers as diverse a range of careers as the art form itself while also instilling other valuable work ethic skills. Each role plays a part in shaping the dance community, ensuring that the beauty of dance continues to thrive and enrich lives.

If you’re inspired to explore any of these paths, Tess at VPC would be delighted to provide more information and support your journey into the dance profession. There are countless opportunities in the dance world waiting for you to discover, each leading to a fulfilling and exciting career.

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