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The importance of building good relationships between parents and dance teachers

Written by Tess Victory

Building a life-long love of dance

The parent and dance teacher relationship is a key part of growing strong dancers. As teachers, we are with your children in each class to help them grow, develop, build and challenge themselves. It’s a job we love, and are committed to ensuring we do this in a safe, happy and encouraging environment. We view this as a partnership between VPC teachers and the parents of our students. This partnership is vital when building a lifelong love of dance and provides an environment where students can learn, grow, develop and feel confident in their movements.

Building relationships between parents and teachers

To form successful relationships, we encourage parents to talk with their child’s dance teacher often and begin building ongoing relationships. Building strong relationships does two things:

  1. It helps children see the forming of relationships between dance teachers and parents and the joint partnership they are forming to support their dance. 
  2. It keeps communication channels open and more accessible between parents and teachers when questions arise, or dance teachers need parents’ assistance at home with dance training.

Our mission as a dance school

As dance teachers and a dance school, our mission is to ignite a life-long love of movement and to give people a physical and emotional experience that leaves them feeling connected, confident, and capable. We need your support for our dance teachers and to trust their methods and strategy to achieve this. They understand each child learns differently at their own pace, which may mean sometimes teachers adapt based on each child’s requirements. Dance is a beautiful way to develop discipline and motivation! Our teachers strive to do this in a fun, energising and encouraging manner.

Sometimes we face challenges

We understand that our dance classes sometimes aren’t immune to problems or face challenges. As much as we have processes, policies and procedures in place, situations arise that our teachers need to be made aware of from time to time. Sometimes it’s only when a family leaves our studio that we hear of a problem. This is something we want to avoid!

What to do if you have questions or concerns

Building constructive relationships means communicating early on. PLEASE! Approach us if you have questions or concerns about anything happening in your child’s class. If we know of a situation at the beginning, we can manage this and find a workable solution. We WANT to know! No matter the question or if a student is unhappy or beginning to exhibit refusals to attend class, we need to understand and work through this. Our ‘literal’ door is always open, so please get in touch with your dance teacher or directly with Tess. Sometimes those gut feelings need to be listened to and not ignored. 

It isn’t always easy to catch a dance teacher in between classes, but you can make a note with the receptionist that you’d like the chance to talk.  You can also text us to arrange a call on 02040806027.

Tess can be contacted directly at admin@victoryperformancecentre.com


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