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The Importance of Dance Exams: Nurturing Growth, Confidence, and Achievements

Discover the transformative influence of dance exams and their ability to nurture growth, build confidence, and reach achievement beyond the dance studio.

Written by Tess Victory

Approaching Exams

In the lead-up to exams, we consider the importance of dance exams and supporting our young dancers on their dance journey. Right now, the role of dance exams has become something for children and their families to consider.  At VPC, we believe exams aren’t just about being in front of a judge or gaining a certificate. Exams offer more than just evaluating skills; they shape character and instil values beyond the dance studio. Below we explore why dance exams matter, and how they contribute to the development of our aspiring dancers. If you’re pondering whether dance exams suit your child, the below details invaluable life lessons they can bring.

Working towards a Goal: Building Self-Esteem

Setting a dance exam as a goal provides a clear target for your child to strive towards. This process enhances their technical abilities and cultivates a sense of accomplishment. Their self-esteem and confidence naturally flourish as they tackle challenges and witness their progress. Moreover, the journey of preparing for a dance exam fosters resilience. The setbacks and hurdles encountered along the way become growth opportunities, teaching your child to adapt, persist, and emerge stronger.

Exams Provide Discipline and Time Management

Preparing for a dance exam requires consistent practice, organisation, and efficient time management. This process helps children learn important life skills that go way beyond the dance floor, giving them the know-how to tackle any challenge with focus and determination.

Ensuring Readiness for Progression

Dance exams are checkpoints that gauge a student’s readiness to advance to the next level. They ensure your child has a strong base before diving into trickier moves, which helps avoid injuries and sets them up for a smooth and all-around awesome dance journey

Teaching Commitment and Prioritisation of Tasks

Taking on dance exams teaches children the significance of commitment. By juggling practice, school and their own time, they are learning about prioritising – a skill that continues to serve them throughout school, work, and other commitments throughout life.

Mastering Technique

Dance exams encourage students to delve deep into mastering techniques, which aligns well with our mastering movement ethos at VPC! Working towards perfecting dance techniques is a journey in fostering dedication and resilience. This commitment to mastering dance skills contributes to the overall growth of young dancers.

Building Confidence and Self-Assurance

As your child works towards their dance exam, they’ll begin to witness their own progress. This experience feeds their confidence, not only in dance but also in managing other life challenges. The confidence they gain from dance exams spreads to everything they do, helping them step out into the world with style and self-confidence.

A Sense of Achievement and Beyond

Successfully acing a dance exam brings an incredible sense of achievement. This feeling of accomplishment extends to other areas of their life, encouraging your child to approach challenges with the same enthusiasm. Dance exams assist in cultivating a confident attitude that propels them towards success.


At VPC, we understand that, as parents, you want the best for your children, and the decision to pursue dance exams is no exception. 

Enrolling your child in dance exams gives them more than just a chance to perform in front of a judge. You’re equipping them with skills that build confidence, discipline, and achievement.

When thinking about dance exams for your child, know that you’re starting a journey that helps them grow, not just as dancers, but as all-around amazing individuals. Embrace this chance to learn and celebrate their progress. Watch as your young dancer becomes more confident, disciplined, and empowered in and out of the studio.

Get ready to see them bloom into someone who’s confident, skilled, and ready to take on the next challenge. Check out some of our kids gearing up for exams in 2022 here.

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