Wedding Dance, Tauranga

Create a First Dance with your loved one and a little guidance from us!
Dance Services Tauranga

Dance can give you memories you won’t forget!

The celebration of a wedding holds so many emotions. One thing we can hopefully all agree on is that it should be full of happiness, and love. Did you know when we tie our emotions to events or activities it allows us to solidify our memories? How do we connect with our deeper feelings in the moment? What about with dance!

With enough practice the happy couple will WOW the stargazed audience with their unique and specially choreographed first dance. The real experience though, lies in that practice. Our wedding first-dance package means that you will have five sessions to learn, repeat and master your movement for your big day. You will have to work together closely, as a team which builds strength in any relationship. What a sense of achievement that you can share together when it comes to the performance.

Wedding Dance Package:

Your choice of music

A choreographed unique 2-minute routine with edited music

5x 45minute private rehearsals with your teacher

Recordings of your choreography for practice