Official Newsletter of Victory Performance Centre
[MARCH 2023 – ISSUE 7]


Our first Victory Performance Centre Newsletter coming out for 2023! 

Hi VPC friends and family.

It is a delight to welcome everyone back for dance and Pilates classes with Victory Performance Centre!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and made use of the few sunny days we’ve had. 

I’ve enjoyed much-needed family time with my parents, who travelled from Brisbane. Some of you may have seen my Mum, Jody, helping at the show. It’s been lovely to kick back and relax over Christmas with Mum and Dad. Now I have my parents-in-law coming from the UK for three months. I’ll try to get them to a couple of classes, so please come and say ‘hi’ if you spot them!

As some of you know, I got engaged in 2022, and I’ve been busy arranging my engagement party for this year. We are planning our wedding for January 2024, which will mean planning a show AND a wedding SAME TIME! YES, that’s right at the SAME TIME! That’s me, though; I never do anything by halves! 

I have been busy packing away all dance costumes, making sure they’re all in order for the show in 2023. Our costume collection is GROWING, and I can’t wait to add more! The studio has been getting re-organised, which I love to do every year and has seen me adding more props and stuff to our growing studio. It’s exciting to see our cupboards getting fuller!

I’ve also been painting and cleaning up our Plummers Point studio and hope to have space to add a few more kids to private lessons and performance practices with our beautiful mirrors there.

Phew! The break has gone so quickly, and I can’t wait to hear all your news! I look forward to chatting more with everyone in the studio!

Tess x

Important Dates

Term 1: 30th Jan – 7th Apr
Term 2: 24th Apr – 30th Jun
Term 3: 17th Jul – 22nd Sep
Term 4: 9th Oct -22nd Dec

Easter Event Sunday 26th March
International dance day – FREE CLASS 29th April

Syllabi Performances

Sunday 25th June

11 – 13th July

Sunday 10th September

Sunday 3rd December

17th December

18th –  22nd December 2023


Change to Dance Terms

Due to popular request this year, we will be providing classes in 10 Week Terms rather than monthly.

This means that tuition will be posted once per term. Please note these dates in your calendar and refer to your Handbook for a complete list of special in-class and other events throughout the year.

Dance Teacher Changes

There will also be some dance teacher changes over this year. Teachers will be rotating between classes during 2023. It will mean one teacher taking classes over a 2-3 week block with a new teacher coming in over another 2-3 week block. We will follow this pattern for the time being while we manage teaching changes. Like many businesses, we are not immune to staff shortages and have found it difficult to secure additional dance teachers. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this. We are very grateful to have Miss Alannah and can’t wait to give her a proper introduction soon!

Annual Trophies

Handing out the Victory Performance Centre trophies each year is a highlight and an awesome way to acknowledge that extra work done throughout the year. Big congratulations to our annual trophy winners below:

Most Improved – Sarah Prebble, Most Potential – Ziggi Sinclair, Top of Exams Ava Heart, who also scored full marks in her Jazz exam.

The Junior and Senior all-rounder award goes to the students who show our VPC values every class 

 Junior Award – Alice Gunter. Senior – Award Daisy Prebble.

Big congratulations once again! Can’t wait to see everyone’s improvement this year. These are annual awards so will be open to new participants and are held on 17th December 2023.

Our spectacular end of year show

I am incredibly proud of all the performers for our See VPC on-stage show in 2022. I’ve spoken with multiple members and families. The general consensus is that our dancers have improved out of sight over the last couple of years, and there’s plenty of excitement around what they can achieve to come! You can see all the show photos on our VPC Family Facebook group.

We appreciate it was a bit hot during the 2022 show. So this year, the 2023 show will move to Tauranga Boys High School. This site here provides extra support and technical requirements for our shows. The stage at Tauranga Boys High School exposes the kids to something more professional, which will give them the true experience of being a “dancer”. Our performances will be elevated just by being in this space!

That doesn’t mean our beloved Te Puna hall is going anywhere. We’ll still use this venue for our mid-year show for a more family, and community feel show. 

Huge thanks to our volunteers for your support and help! There was initiative and willingness to jump in and get the job done by everyone. Our community truly came together, which was so appreciated.  

We had great feedback on the costumes, and a massive thank you to our families for getting dancers to rehearsals, arranging hair and make-up and paying fees. Our teachers and receptionist did an outstanding job coordinating rehearsals, reassuring nerves and managing everything seamlessly. The show places extra pressure on the staff and me, and while it takes me about six weeks to recover after a show, I’m already starting to look at the music for the next one! 

Please let me know if anyone needs me to follow up on anything post-show, like refunds or communication, I may have missed. 

Final reminder if kids want more performance opportunities, there is the option for them to join the pre/junior Troupe performance group or enter into solo competitions.

Here’s to 2022 and doing it all again in 2023!

Love, Miss Tess

Image of text asking people to join the VPC family FB Group


How do I pay my fees?

Prorated tuition and the (NEW) annual family registration fee of $25 is posted at the time of enrolment. Then VPC bills 1 week prior to terms commencing and invoices are sent via email. Invoices are payable by the end of week 1 of each term. Payments can be made via the Parent Portal or Bank Transfer.

Name: Victory Performance Centre
Reference: Name AND Details

If you wish to automate this term payment by direct debit – please select automatic membership via your Parent Portal.

1 Class $175 per term
2 Classes $320 per term
3 Classes $450 per term
+ Classes $ 560 per term
Dance with Me: 1 Class $150 per term

Are there late fees?

Unfortunately there will be late fees due to the administration costs. If the term payment is not paid by the due date, the account will incur a $10 late fee. If there are any issues regarding timely payment for tuition please let me know in advance so we can arrange a payment plan and I can make a note on your account so you will not incur this fee.

Do you offer refund or credits for missed classes?

When enrolling at VPC you are committing to an annual registration. All missed classes are still to be paid for, unless prior notice is given that your child will be away for an extended period. You can make-up missed lessons if you are still enrolled, within the same school term; please use the Parent Portal to book these. Makeup lessons can not be used by siblings.

If you decide to withdraw or change classes you must contact our admin team before the end of the term for changes to occur the following term. You will continue to be automatically charged for classes until you notify us in writing. Where possible, we will endeavour to arrange make-up lessons for classes cancelled by VPC, or will offer an alternative class. Refunds are only made on a case-by-case basis.


Please note that class bookings will automatically roll over into Term 2. If your dance plans change, please let us know before the end of Term 1.

Physiotherapy and Pilates

My physio and pilates rooms have had a fresh coat of paint over the summer holiday break and are ready for your bookings!

NOTE: I  offer ACC and Private Physiotherapy sessions and am taking bookings! Please reach out to arrange a booking here. Or email us at if you can’t find an appropriate time.

I gained my Physiotherapy Degree from the Australian Catholic University in the year 2013. I have practiced for the last 9 years as a registered Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist in private practices in Brisbane, Australia, Auckland and Tauranga, New Zealand. I have provided physiotherapy services to national touring theatre companies at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre for musicals “Anything Goes” and “Strictly Ballroom” and international performers at the Civic Theatre in Auckland for the musical “Book of Mormon”.

If you are in need of directed exercise prescription or injury management and assistance you can arrange an appointment via the link below.
Or get in touch via email or text: 02040806027

Inside Victory Performance Centre Pilates Studio


Has your dancer grown over the holidays? Uniform is not compulsory however VPC dancewear is suggested. Please ensure that their hair is tied up out of their face and that they have the appropriate footwear for every class.

Our uniform consists of:

  • Blue leotard or VPC Tee
  • Black Shorts/leggings or Blue Skirt
  • Style appropriate footwear

For a full uniform and price listing, check out our Order Form or just drop in and see us at the studio for sizing! If you have any questions, just hit reply to this email.


Don’t forget we offer adult dance classes!

You’ll find our adult dance classes in Tauranga, welcoming and encouraging as we aim to
get moving, build fitness and have a lot of fun! These classes are open to complete beginners and advancements are given to experienced movers so that everyone gets something out of the class.


Ever get to that point when your child loves dance one minute and the next moment they aren’t? At some stage, your child may lose their love for dance. While this is a normal occurrence from time to time, it doesn’t mean your dancer needs to hang up their dance shoes and move on.

This blog helps reassure parents with reasons why this happens and what can be done to help our dances manage these feelings.

Any feedback you have about this Victory Performance Centre Newsletter, leave it below!
I would love to hear what you want me to include next time.

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