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[MAY 2023 – ISSUE 8]


Welcome to our May edition of the Victory Performance Centre Newsletter for 2023! 

Hi, VPC friends and family.

What a fabulous start to 2023! Our term was full of dance and movement, new families trying out dance for the first time, our refreshed Pilates studio being enjoyed by many and additional classes being added. I’ve loved seeing everyone back and the enthusiasm to learn new techniques and commit to dance lessons.

On a personal note, in March, I finally celebrated my engagement. With both our families being able to attend, it was a special time to get together and get excited about our wedding next year. I’ve loved having my parents and in-laws stay with us over the last couple of months, and I am now thinking ahead about the wedding in 2024.

With term one under our belts now, it’s time to begin preparation for our mid-year show and examinations. I’ve included everything you need to know about these two events below.

Term one has gone in a flash, and I know two will be the same. There is plenty to get excited about, lots to learn and participate in and plenty of fun and friendship for our VPC dance community.

I’m always happy to chat with anyone about any concerns, feedback or just a quick hello, so please don’t be shy and drop me an email anytime.

Tess x

Tess Victory, owner of Victory Performance Centre, on her engagement with her fiance. Outside in the garden, celebrating with friends and family.

Important Dates

Term 2: 24th Apr – 30th Jun
Term 3: 17th Jul – 22nd Sep
Term 4: 9th Oct -22nd Dec

Syllabi Performances

Saturday 24th June*

12 – 13th July

Sunday 10th September

Sunday 3rd December

17th December

18th –  22nd December 2023


We can create a very special performance JUST for YOUR dancer!

This is open to VPC dancers or other community members to take advantage. A performance package is $400. It includes: 5 private 45 minute sessions, your very own choreography, edited music and practice videos. If your dancer continues to practice their routine they will be invited to perform at our events and on behalf of VPC!

Please get in touch with Tess if your dancer is keen to perform or you’d like to find out more.


Yay! THE A TEAM! Addison, Alice and Ava just placed 3rd in their dance competition held at Tauranga Boys College over the school holidays.

These girls were participating in a competitive section dancing with 12 year olds. We are VERY proud of such an amazing achievement.


Hi, my name is Alannah!

I live in Welcome Bay with my partner and 2 beautiful children.
I grew up in a small town called Whangamata, where I taught young kids Jazz and Hip Hop dancing! I absolutely loved it, and now I’m so excited to be part of this dance family with Victory Performance Centre!

My favourite dance style is Hip Hop, and most of my favourite songs come from an RnB background.

Term 1 has been so much fun with you all, and I’m really looking forward to this year full of dance and fun! If you see me around, please say ‘Hey’ and feel free to have a chat.


Every year we celebrate our love for dance on International Dance Day! This free annual event that VPC hosts is a great opportunity to get the kids together and move our bodies doing something we love.

This year we split the day into three age groups, and we all did a dance to DJ Cassidy and Jesse Jays Calling All Hearts. It’s a great song to add to your playlist!

Have you seen our Instagram Reel from International Dance Day? Keep an eye out on our socials, check out us having a boogie on the day here

We’ll continue to host a special day for International Dance Day each year and hope to see more of our VPC dancers and community attend. 


This term, we begin our preparation for examinations.

Exams are currently in-house and promote and encourage exposure to the formalities of dance. The dancers learn syllabus exercises from international organisations, such as The Commonwealth of Dance, The Royal Academy of Dance, and the Acrobatic Arts.

Those participating in exams perform those exercises and dance to a dance professional, who will provide them with positive and constructive feedback through an exam report. Successful students will also receive a certificate and rosette for their efforts.

Please note that exams are not compulsory at VPC. We encourage families to talk with their child about participating. While we would love to see our dancers partaking in exams, we understand each dancer is an individual, and the decision is made by parents and dancers together. If you need more clarification, we are happy to have a discussion to answer any questions or queries.

Please email Tess anytime:


Our mid-year is a way to recognise the hard work and dedication of students during the first half of the year and provides a demonstration of their syllabus dances. This is a low key event with students just wearing class uniform and always a heap of fun! With busy families and sometime hectic schedules, we understand how precious time is so our aim is to keep the showcase a stress free event.

The mid-year show is also a way to boost confidence in preparation for exams and the end of year show. Dancers will perform their exam syllabus dancers for friends and family in their class group.

CLICK THE IMAGE to access the info document for ALL times and links required.
Then CLICK THE BUTTON to confirm your dancer’s place in the show.


We had a great first-ever dance holiday camp during the term one school holiday break. A handful of dancers from VPC and the community came together to dance and have a huge amount of fun at our black sheep studio.

We got creative and made a couple of charms. Seeing our colourful charms going from big to small was cool. We put our heads down and put together some goals and plans of attack in our very own VPC diaries. It was an exciting activity to assemble a couple of quick dances and get out the costume boxes. We did some acting and got to put it all on camera.


To finish our holiday camp, we watched one of Miss Tess’s favourite movies, Matilda – the musical version! If you haven’t already, we highly recommend watching it, playing the soundtrack at home, and making up your own dance. We may even see some of the dance numbers from Matilda in the Tauranga Musical Theatre group towards the end of the year.

Over the term two break, we’ll be doing the exam workshop, which will run over 2 days on the 12 and 13th of July for a couple of hours each day. Open to anyone at VPC to get a jump start on the content they’ll be learning in term 3. You don’t need to be doing the exam to partake, but it will be syllabus-based and good practice for those taking exams.

We plan to do another dance camp in term 3, similar to our term one dance camp for the pre-juniors and juniors. This will also have a day or 2 for the video project for the pre-intermediates.

Image of text asking people to join the VPC family FB Group


All dance music and videos from dance classes is now available via the Jack Rabbit portal.

The music and videos is ideal for children to use for additional practice of their routines at home. If you’re child is partaking in exams, exam syllabus material is located here also.

If you haven’t accessed before, check out the ‘How to video‘ on our VPC Families Facebook Group.


Don’t forget we offer adult dance classes!

You’ll find our adult dance classes in Tauranga, welcoming and encouraging as we aim to
get moving, build fitness and have a lot of fun! These classes are open to complete beginners and advancements are given to experienced movers so that everyone gets something out of the class.


We understand that all dance studios are not the same. It’s important to find a studio and dance style that makes your child feels comfortable, included, where they can meet new friends, have fun and enjoy learning new techniques and discipline. Somewhere you feel part of a dance community and wider family.

Check out our tips on choosing the perfect dance class and studio.

Any feedback you have about this Victory Performance Centre Newsletter, leave it below!
I would love to hear what you want me to include next time.

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